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 Message to [GM] [CL] and [CSR]'s

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Message to [GM] [CL] and [CSR]'s Empty
PostSubject: Message to [GM] [CL] and [CSR]'s   Message to [GM] [CL] and [CSR]'s I_icon_minitimeFri May 13, 2011 11:49 pm

This is a message to [GM] [CL] and [CLT]'s, that we have rules too. (I have no meaning for posting this now then later because i'd rather do it before I forget.
And for those of you asking "what are those?" I'll answer it, short, and sweet.
[GM] "Game Master" more fondly used in gaming, but [Admin] is well... too long. ;P
[CL] "Community Leader" A step down in the staff food chain from a [GM], but with loyalty and hard work, they can be promoted.
[CLT] "Community Leader Trainee" the trainees of staff.

Rules will be kept short and sweet, as always.
[1] All regular member rules apply to you, as well, even if you have more abilities, the basics of laws still apply.
[2] Abuse of power is strictly prohibited. You will be stripped of your rank if we find this happening.

Rules for both members and staff will be changed through trial and error.


"It's the double pit trap! The more an Idiot think's they're not an Idiot, The better it works!" ~Rin Rin [Shin Koihime Otome Tairan ~ the anime]
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Message to [GM] [CL] and [CSR]'s
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