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 My Favorite Yuri

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PostSubject: My Favorite Yuri   My Favorite Yuri I_icon_minitimeSat May 14, 2011 12:13 am

I love yuri anime, just in general, so i have so many favorites... But these are my top favorites at the moment. Remember these are my PERSONAL favorites!

[1] Shin Koihime Otome Tairan
Yuriness: 3/5
-Very Few yuri scenes, although all the main characters are female, and they almost all have a crush on one other member of their group. I watched this anime because i found it hilarious, cute, awesome, and all my favorites rolled up into a ball. The only downside i found to it is mixing up the first season (different title that's very similar) to this one. but that was my bad. Overall this is a great anime ^^.

[2] Kampfer
Yuriness: 3.5/5
-Very Cute, very funny, and VERY ecchi. No hentai in it but lots of awkward moments between the main characters. This is also a genderbender anime. I watched this mainly because a lot of those awkward moments were hysterical.

[3] A Channel
Yuriness: 2/5
-Not a lot of yuri in this one, but the story revolves around Toru, who's trying to get with her best friend.

Too lazy to post much else right now... So i'll leave it at this.


"It's the double pit trap! The more an Idiot think's they're not an Idiot, The better it works!" ~Rin Rin [Shin Koihime Otome Tairan ~ the anime]
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My Favorite Yuri
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