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 United Care USA and its Goals

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PostSubject: United Care USA and its Goals   United Care USA and its Goals I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 06, 2011 1:31 am

United Care USA is a non-profit IRS designated 501-C-3 Membership Corporation which is supported by public contributions and is exempted from federal and state taxes. It is an organization that is dedicated to promoting awareness and prevention of child molestation abuse, abduction and exploitation.

They have been providing child abuse prevention and child safety awareness books, literature and information to concerned parents, teachers and caring adults since eight years. They believe that the ‘Abuse Syndrome’ is truly an epidemic in society and the only effective way to stop abuse, exploitation, molestation and abduction of a child is by educating, informing and alerting the children, the parents and the public before the abuse occurs.

They provide diverse services, publications, and benefits like a Membership Certificate which can proudly declare ones participation in United Care USA, a child advocacy network of a number of concerned individuals, working together to improve the lives of children everywhere and dedicated to provide a stronger voice for children to the Legislators and the Members of the Congress. A bimonthly publication called ‘We Care’ promotes awareness and prevention of child abuse, abduction and exploitation. It includes safety tips for parents and children, research reports, public policy, local and national programs and statistics.

Victron Energy has supported the effort of United Care USA since 2007 by giving annual donations to them. Ali Sharaf, the President and CEO of Victron Energy, feels that it’s a privilege to be able to support this organization. He feels that they deserve support and encouragement as they not only bring attention to the problems and consequences of child abuse but also provide programs and educational materials to promote public awareness of the ways to help in the prevention of child abuse.
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United Care USA and its Goals
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